Bank loan for self-employed.

Loans can not only be applied for at savings banks, Astro banks and other banks, the Intrasavings bank credit also grants loans from the (Intrasavings bank). As a promotional bank for self-employed persons and companies, Intrasavings bank is best known, which supports them with numerous subsidies and credit lines in a wide range of areas and business phases.

Find out about the topic of support for founders and freelancers part-time! What does Intrasavings bank offer? In lending, operational metrics and, above all, profit expectations from the investment to be financed are more important than personal reliability.

Overview of the promotional funds of Intrasavings bank

Overview of the promotional funds of Intrasavings bank

It is the largest German state promotional bank and thus also active nationwide. Intrasavings bank provides funding for company founders and self-employed as well as for companies. In addition to the subsidized consulting services, the favorable Intrasavings bank promotional loans are particularly relevant for start-up companies and start-up companies. As a rule, you apply for Intrasavings bank funding through your bank.

In addition to Intrasavings bank, you can also raise funds from a state promotional bank. Headquartered in Germany, Intrasavings bank is headquartered in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and has a variety of funding opportunities for start-ups and companies. The promotional program of Intrasavings bank comprises subsidies in the form of loans, equity capital as well as various grants for business start-up and crisis consultancy.

The promotional programs for the start-up and business promotion of Intrasavings bank at a glance. The Intrasavings bank start-up loans are usually aimed at start-ups, freelancers and small businesses that are not older than five years. Intrasavings bank will release your house bank up to 80% of this subsidy.

Refurbishment or debt restructuring is not supported by this grant. The amount of ERP capital for the foundation can be up to $ 500,000. As part of the Foundation’s ERP capital, you receive up to 100% compensation from your bank. However, the ERP start-up capital is only suitable for part of the eligible investment and other expenses: up to 40% in the new federal states and 30% in the new federal states can be co-financed via the ERP start-up capital.

Classic loan and the subordinated loan 

Classic loan and the subordinated loan 

Intrasavings bank uses the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan, which can make up to $ 10 million, to finance operating and investment projects. However, only companies that have existed for three years can apply for the Intrasavings bank Entrepreneur Loan. A 50% disclaimer is granted to the bank itself. The grant allows the granting of years without reimbursement. The Intrasavings bank corporate loan in program variant B1 comprises two tranches: the classic loan and the subordinated loan of up to $ 4 million.

Where do you get these loans from Intrasavings bank? The funds are not available directly from Intrasavings bank. Intrasavings bank funding can be used by start-ups, freelancers and start-ups for up to five years after the foundation. With this Intrasavings bank funding, refurbishments are not co-financed. Intrasavings bank uses these funds to finance research and development projects as part of the introduction of new products and services – for companies older than two years.

Intrasavings bank is bound by various forms of participation in existing companies of up to $ 1 million. The investment must not exceed the capital available on the holding. Anyone who solves social problems in a new way can raise up to 200,000 USD of own funds from Intrasavings bank. Intrasavings bank provides up to 90% of the consulting services you need after the company was founded.

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